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WIFA 2022 Jury brings their talent and expertise as well as a passion for filmmaking. The jury is comprised of accomplished women filmmakers in Kenya and film studies-related faculty from Kenyan Universities.

Suki Wanza Nyadawa- Resident Jury

Suki Wanza is a prolific actress and has starred in many acclaimed productions. She has recently starred in the film Midlife Crisis, the
TV series Ma-Empress by PHILIT productions and the award winning stage play, ‘Too Early for Birds: Brazen Edition’. She is also an adjunct lecturer at Kenya University and Multimedia
Universities teaching Theatre Arts and Film.


Emma Kibunjah a lady of many hats and hearts, is a film producer, production manager, director, writer, art director, and actress. Her unending passion for the film industry is what has driven her to work both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. She has worked in the theater and film industry for more than a decade and through that has acquired vast experience and skills.


Arigi is a scriptwriter, producer, director with a passion of telling African stories and educating the world on African stories. Her passion is creating stories that travel that travel and break borders.

Agnes Kola

Agnes Kola is an award winning Assistant Director at Women in Film Awards 2022. She is currently working at Philit Productions. She has worked with Silverscreen Nigeria as a second Assistant Director in their film Enough of the Silence. She was also the second Assistant Director Igiza which is currently airing on Showmax. Kola previously worked at the Department of film services- Nairobi as the Assistant Director She is a blog Writer and a story teller and a theatre enthusiast, nominated as BEST Female Supporting Actress in a Musical in Kenya Theatre Awards 2022.


Wixx is a visual storyteller, she creates relatable videos using different objects in order to interact with her audience while conveying a positive African message. She has amassed: 34k+ followers on Instagram, 20k+ followers on Tiktok and 6k+ subscribers on YouTube while growing her audience through her audio-visual products.


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